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Story 1: The Legionnaire Nobody Remembered

In the very distant future, a young man and his father look through a time-scanner to find that Superboy never joined the Legion of Super-Heroes. They learn their time-scanner somehow disrupted the past and the young man feels that it is his responsibility to set things right. After the Legion of Super-Heroes rejected Superboy, the young man appears to the Legion as Anti-Lad. He passes the preliminary tests of admission and takes a picture with the team. However, Brainiac 5 is suspicious of Anti-Lad and believes that Anti-Lad sabotaged Superboy's try-out. Anti-Lad lies and said that he did sabotage Superboy and then time travels back to his proper time, causing all the Legionnaires to forget him and to give Superboy another chance, which they do. All is set right, thanks to Anti-Lad.

Story 2: Brainiac 5's Secret Weakness!

Brainiac 5 finds himself missing Supergirl very much since he loves her. He misses her so much that he has built a robotic companion to mimic her while he slept, so he had no recollection of building her. The real Supergirl arrives into the 30th Century just in time to save Brainiac 5 from a dangerous situation, revealing the fake Supergirl at the same time. Supergirl and Brainiac 5 come to terms with their relationship and she promises that, even though she's taking a break as a Legionnaire, she'll be back.

Both stories are reprinted in Legion of Super-Heroes Archives #11

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