starkiller809's Superboy #19 - Gone But Not Begotten review

Superboy #19

The Good

There are two artist on this issue, but it's hardly noticeable. Diogenes Neves joins artist R.B. Silva, and the result is a great looking book. Each panel is very simple, but with details in the place that matter. The panels are also made in a way that really fits the sci-fi tone of the story. Silva still adds the quirky expressions to the characters, but it's perfectly used in this issue to show innocence and other emotions that are absolutely needed for this issue. Scott Lobdell is filling in until the new creative team joins new issue, and wow, does he manage to write a great issue. This issue we get the origin of Harvest. (Something that was long past due) The origin adds a new layer to the character and really explains the events of Teen Titans and Superboy much better. This issue also visits a huge future event and really takes from that and adds it to the past is a great way. Harvest has become an interesting villain in one issue and really make you wish that we could get more of the answers that we started getting in this issue.

The Bad

This issue really set out the future of the DCU. It's necessary but it feels like it limits the writers and it also feels like it puts a time limit on how long we can have a Superman story that we are use to. This issue also should have come much sooner. We've had no idea who Harvest really was or what he wanted for a while.

The Verdict: 4/5 (Good)

Scott Lobdell manages to wrap up things that he started from the beginning is a very interesting and fun way. I'm looking forward to the new creative team. If you have been reading Superboy, this is the perfect issue for you. It answers all those questions that you've wanted to know since issue one. If you haven't, this might also be a good issue for you, but it won't have the impact that it would on regular readers. I highly recommend this issue and it may be the best one of the series yet.


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