jointron33's Superboy #18 - Mind Your Manners; Good Boy review

Mental Midgets, Molecular Mutants, and Men of Steel

Superboy faces off against Plasmus, while Wonder Woman's enemy Dr. Psyscho makes his New 52 debut(lol than rhymed).


Superboy is more focused then ever on truly being a hero, something that his progenitor Superman helped inspire. Dr. Psycho's update is also fairly interesting, with his psychic affairs being handled by an astral form of himself. This bald form of Dr. Psycho somewhat resembles how the character look during the Terry Dodson run of Wonder Woman. The dialogue, namely Psycho's can be quite humorous at times, namely due to Psycho's villainous nature. I'm putting so much emphasis on Psycho because so much of the issue is based around him once he is introduced.


The dialogue, while humorous, could be a bit cheesy at times, especially with Superboy's trying to be heroic.

Dr. Psycho recapping Superboy's memories makes a lot of this issue a proverbial rewind for those who already know the story, though it could be useful for those who were just now jumping on.


A solid premise and an update of a classic villain make this issue worth a look at.


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