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Superboy #17

The Good: 
R.B. Silva's art looks better in this issue then any other issue. He still adds the quirky expressions but now there are lines that add to the facial expressions and convey emotions very strongly. The characters, including the Justice League look great and the technology that we see in this issue look other worldly. The best part of this issue in the action. It looks so big and epic but you can still see the faces of the characters as they are getting hit and it makes you feel for them. The story in this issue gets so much better then previous issues because we get character development. We are finally starting to see Superboy do things because he wants to be good. That being said, this issue does a lot of things for the story arch as well. If you haven't been reading Supergirl; this issue really puts her motives into perspective unlike past issues of the arch. We also get to see something wrapping up that have been started since Superman #1. Tom Defalco also writes Kara very well. He makes her strong but not wanting to harm Superboy even though she has been told all of these things. The action is fantastic as well and will make you smile when you see a character punch the other character.  
The Bad: 
We no longer need the opening of who Superboy is. By issue #17, all the new readers may not try to jump on in this issue especially when it's in the ending of a story arch. This issue also contradicts something that has happened in Justice League by having the Flash still on the team.  
The Verdict: 4.5/5 (Amazing) 
This issue is amazing because it improved so much over one issue. Superboy has been a hard series to read due to the fact that every issue was the same whining character about everything that is wrong with him. In this issue, Superboy really takes things into his own hands and the result is a satisfying read. If you haven't been reading Superboy, this isn't a good place to start but if you have been reading the crossover, I suggest that you get this because it does add some information to the overall story. A great comic that you should read.
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