pspin's Superboy #17 - Lost Cause review

Superboy #17 Review

Superboy #17 Review


H’el on Earth enters its final stages as Superboy is dying.

The Good:

The story is pretty good. It is part one of the heroes trying to stop H’el’s endgame and it is effective in portraying this. It was nice to see the Justice League leave in a fairly organic manner. (Seeing Batman admit his uselessness should give the issue five stars alone, but I digress…) The fight between Superboy and Supergirl was the highlight of the issue. It was really good but to fully appreciate it, you have to have been reading all of H’el on Earth or else it isn’t anything special.

There is some character growth here that is both good and bad. Seeing Superboy act like a hero in a non-selfish style with no one else around and not having the “leave me alone” thoughts is really nice. The bad part: it is kind of out of nowhere.

Tom DeFalco delivers the roller coaster again but he hits some great heights here. The Superboy vs. Supergirl fight is great. The dialogue, while nothing groundbreaking is effective and emotive and really shows some progression through the whole story arc.

Having R.B. Silva back is nice. While his style is not my personal favorite, it nice to see him return as he has a very good handle on the characters; some of the backgrounds are a little cluttered but it all works out in the end.

The Bad:

As good as some parts of the writing were; some were bad. Take the thought boxes for example, 17 issues in, 19 with the zero and annual, and we still get the “I’m a clone/living weapon” intro. We get it; he is a clone, that has been a point since issue one and now it is just annoying at this point. Some of the other boxes were a bit much, explaining absolutely everything kind of made some pages “less effective,” for lack of a better term.

While seeing character growth in Superboy is both welcomed and needed, it seemed out of nowhere. I have read every H’el on Earth issue and this is a pretty radicle jump from not liking Superman and not liking being a “superhero” in general to calling Superman the hope of the world and wanting to save the world with his dying breath. It seemed sudden and abrupt.


Not the worst issue ever, but not the best either. Some serious highs are present as is some much needed character growth but they are brought down by almost too much writing and exposition and abruptness. Over all the issue is a good tie-in; the middle part of the crossover sagged a bit but this is is the beginning of the end and it is much better.

3.5 (3.7) out of 5


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