pspin's Superboy #16 - Triggers review

Superboy #16 Review

Superboy #16 Review


Superboy and the Justice League assault the Fortress of Solitude.

The Good:

I think that the only point of this issue was to get Superboy and Superman sent on a cross universe journey or something.

Tom DeFalco wrote the issue and the only thing that was nice was some of Superboy’s thought bubbles, which continues my rollercoaster opinion of his writing.

Iban Coello and Amilcar Pinna draw the issue and the art is the strongest part of the issue. While not perfect, it had a bit of a “classic” feel to it and I really enjoyed it. Richard and Tanya Horie color the issue and that just meshed with the art really well and made it pop, the use of bright colors really made it look good.

While some might see this as bad, seeing Batman in a fur-lined cape was hilarious and made me think of all of the over the top action figures from 90’s that my friends used to have.

The Bad:

Tom DeFalco is a rollercoaster in my opinion, sometimes he is really food and sometimes he is not, this is a time when he is not. The entire Justice League shows up and they all seem pretty out of character, especially Batman, who is very chatty here. Wonder Woman is also very stereotypical Amazon here with the whole “On my honor, none shall pass!” lines. It just seems like there was almost no point to having them here because nothing goes right and Flash gets stuck in a wall or something, he just kind of disappears for no reason.

As much as I enjoyed the art, there were two things that caught my eye in a bad way; the first was Wonder Woman’s costume going from a bikini cut to short shorts when she is about to fight and the second was when Superboy gets mad at Batman and his face looks like it has pieces coming off.


This is one of the few issues I have read where I couldn’t find something that I really liked about the story. I have been enjoying H’el on Earth a lot but this issue was just a jumbled, out of character mess. There really didn’t seem to be much of a point to the issue until the end when Superboy and Superman get teleported somewhere. Honestly this was not good.

2 (1.8)out of 5

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