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  1. Challenge of the Cosmic Invaders! (Superboy, Ma and Pa Kent, various historical figures / written by Frank Robbins, inked by Wally Wood)

Everyone in Smallville except Superboy has suddenly vanished! The invisible aliens from the planet Lethos demand that Superboy give them all the world's leaders or they will not restore the Smallville residents back into existence. Should Superboy give up all the world's leaders or is there some other solution?

  1. Who Ever Heard of Jay Scott Pike? (Wonder World of Comics 7)

Full text article about Jay.

  1. Superboy's Secret Hideaways (Superboy Legend / written by E. Nelson Bridwell, inked by Wally Wood : reprinted in: Superboy Spectacular #1, Best of DC #15)

  2. Cap's Hobby Hints (by Henry Boltinoff)

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