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This "80 pg. Giant G 47" gives the origins of various super-teams and how various characters joined them.

  1. The Origin of the Legion! (Legion of Super-Heroes / written by E. Nelson Bridwell : reprinted in: Secret Origins #6, The Legion of Super-Heroes Archives #8)

The origin of the Legion of Super-Heroes is finally revealed. A young Garth Ranzz boards a ship to Earth to find his brother, Mekt Ranzz. On the same ship is already seated Rokk Krinn, also going to Earth, a native of Braal. Rokk and Garth make each other's acquaintaince and come across Imra Ardeen. While leaving the ship, Imra receives a telepathic message that someone is trying to kill the rich R.J. Brande, who was also on the ship. When she shouts this information out, both Garth and Rokk stop the perpetrators and bring them to justice. R.J. Brande is so grateful that he tells them to come to his office the next day. The three teenagers are then asked by R.J. Brande to join up as superheroes, inspired by the heroes of the past like Superman and Supergirl. The Legion of Super-Heroes is formed and news of their making reaches many planets. Their first new member is Triplicate Girl, who cam to Earth to join them after hearing about their exploits. The next member was Phantom Girl and their roster continued to expand, even admitting their inspirations: Superman and Supergirl.

  1. The Boy with Ultra-Powers! (Ultra-Boy, Superboy, Legion of Super-Heroes / written by Jerry Siegel : reprinted from: Superboy #98)

Will Ultra-Boy reveal Superboy's identity to join the Legion?

  1. The Legion of Super-Traitors! (Superboy, Legion of Super-Heroes, Legion of Super Pets, Supergirl, Mon-El, Jax-Ur, General Zod / written by Jerry Siegel : reprinted from Adventure Comics #293)

The Brain Globes of Rambat want to move Earth to their solar system, and hypniotize the Legion of Super Heroes to defeat Superboy, their only obstacle! How do the Legion of Super Pets factor in all this?

  1. Supergirl's Three Super-Girl Friends! (Supergirl, Brainiac, Lori Lemaris, Jerro, Legion of Super-Heroes / written by Jerry Siegel : reprinted from: Action Comics #276)

How did Supergirl get into the Legion of Super-Heroes? Also can she trust Brainiac-5, a descendant of Brainiac?

  1. The Secret of the Seventh Super-Hero! (Superboy, Legion of Super-Heroes / written by Robert Bernstein : reprinted from Adventure Comics #290)

There's an imposter in the Legion! Who is it?

  1. The Legion of Super-Villains! (Superman, Legion of Super Villains, Legion of Super-Heroes / written by Jerry Siegel : reprinted from: Superman #147)

The first adult appearance of the Legion of Super Heroes. Lex assembles the Legion of Super Villains, can they defeat Superman?

  1. The Lore of the Legion (full text article about the Legion of Super-Heroes)

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