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Superboy #14

R.B. Silva does a decent job at drawing this series. His work changes quality between pages but when he does his best, the work is amazing. There isn't tons of details but it still looks good and full. The expressions are also very fluid and you can see what the characters are feeling and thinking. The story starts with Superboy coming back from the events of Legion Lost (Rather not think about that). This issue is actually getting things started with H'el and so far the villain seems really cool and interesting. The addition of the Teen Titans was a good decision because this issue is also showing that maybe a few of the Titans are warming up to the man who tried to kill them. This issue also continues on the clones on Krypton thing and it better be answered by the end of the story unlike every other story of Superboy. 
R.B. Silva is a good artist but there are some panels where it looks like he gave up a little. Like all Tom DeFalco writing, there is some awful dialog and it's a little annoying but you have to get use to it if you want to enjoy some comics. The biggest problem with Superboy is that there is too much going on. The Legion Lost thing, the Ravagers, the Blonde girl, and H'el. It's too much to keep track of and annoying when you try. Superboy also comes off whinny in every single issue. "They made me a weapon and that's all I'll every be." he has said almost every single issue of the mediocre series. Bunker can't see H'el but suddenly they all can??
THE VERDICT: 3.5/5 (Good) 
Superboy was picking up, but then it just shot back down. I wish that there would be a writer that would take this book and take it out of crossover Hell. Every single issue has a star saying, read this and read that. Why can't we get a Superboy series where we only have to read that. If you want a book that has impressive moments but overall is lackluster, this is something that you must check out. I recommend you don't get this but if you like the character, jump on. 

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