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  1. Superboy Visits the 50th Century! (Superboy, Lana Lang, Mrs. Lang, white Kryptonite / written by Otto Binder : reprinted from: Adventure Comics #279)

Superboy is accidentally transported to the 50th century. How can white Kryptonite (something Superboy didn't know existed) help the people of the far future and prove to them Superboy is the real thing? A Hall of Fame Classic

  1. Decoy of the Doom Statues! (Superboy, Krypto, Space Canine Patrol Agents, Black Cats, Tricky Tom, green Kryptonite / written by Otto Binder)

Krypto and the SCPA (Space Canine Patrol Agents) are reunited because the evil Black Cats set a trap for Superboy by having lead coated Kryptonite statues of Superboy's ancestors. Will a hound save Superboy as Prophetic Pup predicted?

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