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  1. The Insect Queen of Smallville! (Superboy, Lana Lang, Insect Queen, Mrs. Lang / written by Otto Binder : reprinted in: The Superman Family #167, The Best of DC #67 & The Legion of Super-Heroes Archives #4 - Voume Four)

Lana Lang helps an alien from being trapped under a tree and in gratitude gives her a ring that gives her the power of insects. She becomes the Insect Queen. She becomes Insect Queen next in issue Superboy #127 - The Seven Insect Lives of Lana Lang!.

  1. Shorty (gag strip by Henry Boltinoff)

  2. Are You a Litter-Bug? (public service message by Jack Schiff and Henry Boltinoff)

  3. Superbaby's First Fight! (Super Baby, Ma and Pa Kent, Professor Potter, Kryptonite / written by otto Binder)

In this "untold tale of Superbaby," Superbaby knocks the boxing champ out (because he was a meanie and knocked the other guy out). What will the crowd think of that?

  1. The Toughtest Kid in Smallville! (an imaginary story starring Superboy, Lana Lang, Ma and Pa Kent, Police Chief Parker / written by Leo Dorfman)

What if Superboy's alter ego was a bully instead of the meek Clark Kent?

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