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  1. Happy Hobby Time! (public service message by Superboy / written by Jack Schiff)

  2. Clark Kent's Single Identity! comes in 2 parts: part 1. Clark Kent's Single Identity!

part 2. The Stolen Super-Identity!

(starring Superboy, Ma and Pa Kent, Lana Lang, Krypto, Police Chief Parker, Professor Vakox, Kru-El, Jax-Ur, Jor-El (cameo), Lara (cameo), Green Kryptonite, Red Kryptonite / written by Otto Binder)

Does the Phantom Zone baddies have anything to do with Superboy losing his powers?

  1. Jor-El's Visit to Earth! (Superboy, Jor-El, Ma and Pa Kent, Krypto, Lex Luthor, Phantom Zone Prisoners, Red Kryptonite / written by Otto Binder)

Jor-El accidentally arrives on Earth, at an age before he would be Superboy's father and see the demise of his planet. Will Superboy tell him the future?

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