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There’s a monster hiding in the shadows of New York after dark, and she’s set her sights on Superboy. But her interest in him is more complicated than it seems!

Superboy’s just starting to figure out what it means to have friends – does he have the good judgment to pick the right ones? Or is he destined to run with the wrong crowd?

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Superboy #12 0

THE GOOD: Robson Rocha and Eduardo Pansica both are the artist in this issue. The difference between their work is very slight so you may not notice the change. The way they add tons of details into their work is one of the greatest things about this issue. The expressions are very strong here as well. The story is rather interesting. We get to see Superboy get to spend a night out with normal people. The interaction between him and the other characters in the club are fairly interesting. The ba...

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The Bronze Age Method 0

This book is becoming one of the most uneven titles in the New 52 for me. Some issues of Superboy I’ve liked a lot but some have just fallen flat. Unfortunately, since Tom DeFalco took over there have been more dead spots. To start off, I like that they’ve continued developing Kon’s moral ambivalence. Last issue he robbed a bank and in this one he’s drinking underage and partying with vapid celebrities (including a Paris Hilton analogue). This puts him in sharp contrast to Superman and shows you...

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