zabilac's Superboy #10 - The Mysterious Mystery of Mystery Island review

Lost in Paradise

The Good

Superboy #10 is a good breather and excellent jumping point for new readers. After all the action in the Culling, Lobdell set us down for a nice relaxing issue with Superboy and Cassie. In terms of writing, the dialogue does its best to draw our attention towards Superboy and Cassie. The art itself is truly stunning and one of the reasons why I bought this issue.

The dynamic duo (Haha see what I did there?) being stranded on a mysterious island gives us a strange chance to explore their barely-forming relationship. We learn a little bit more of Cassie's personality and her difficulty in trusting Superboy. The banter between the two gives us a pretty hilarious example of Superboy's more humane side. He shows several human traits as he nervously trying to warm up to Cassie, peek in on her bathing, and a smug smile when she expresses concern over his safety.

Also, I have to love Superboy's expression when he discovers the joys of eating.

The Bad

The Issue is called 'The Mysterious Mystery of Mystery Island', unfortunately, we don't really see what the "mystery" of the island is. Of course the mystery could be why there's an island under miles of ice and rock or why there are dinosaurs, but we aren't really given a clear answer to what this mystery is.


A fun and informative issue that sets a nice relaxing pace instead of the usual dynamics. As I said above, the issue is a good breather after the Culling. It also builds a promising foundation in the relationship between Superboy and Cassie.

Posted by mikeyar19

I agree with your verdict. I quite enjoyed reading this issue.

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