pspin's Superboy #10 - The Mysterious Mystery of Mystery Island review

Superboy #10 Review

Superboy #10 Review


Superboy and Wonder Girl explore Mystery Island

The Good:

This issue was a huge step up from previous issues. The story is just about the two exploring the island but it really is all about the two characters and the possibility of a budding romance. The combination of Superboy’s relative naivety and social awkwardness and Wonder Girl’s attitude provides some interesting, and funny, situations. This issue really explores Wonder Girl’s character more than Superboy’s but that is fine, as she has been a bit of a question mark in the Teen Titans and it is really nice to see Scott Lobdell explore her character.

Lobdell’s dialogue has a tendency to be corny or cliché but this issue really avoids that and is quite realistic in terms of what happens when two teens on an island are alone and one has no grasp on social concepts. He blends humor and seriousness well.

Sebastian Fiumara is the guest artist and he is amazing this art is the best of the series and really is amazing. The facial expressions are really informative and the art brings the story to a new level. It is unfortunate that he is the guest artist.

Scott Lobdell made a smart move by being the author of Superboy and Teen Titans because it allows the characters to spread out a little and develop them a little quicker. It is a good thing because of the roster size of the Titans, and having Wonder Girl star here was a good idea.

The Bad:

Not much, there are a few instances where the panels change scene and it doesn’t quite make sense but it is alright.


This was a fun and informative issue, any fan of the series or Teen titans should pick it up, nothing groundbreaking happens in terms of character growth but it lets the reader get a good handle of Wonder Girl and her personality. The relationship she has with Superboy is really interesting and I want to know where it goes.

4 out of 5

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