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I really like the art in this issue. Sebastian Fiumara I wish that he would stay on the book longer. I really like the way the the whole book feels with him on it. You feel like you are in paradise with these two characters as well. I really like the way he draws the characters as well. The story is simple but good. We get to see more interaction between Wonder Girl and Superboy. I really like seeing them develop a relationship together and I think that this was pretty close. I really like the characterization of Wonder Girl too. She is fairly mean but I think that she also has a soft side that she hides because it makes her feel weak. I really like that Superboy is trying to help and I think that he is going to be a great Titan. 
They need to get away from everything that has happened leading up to The Culling. It was a weak story and they need to hope that readers can forget that to get onto a better story. I think that Cassie not wanted to be called Wonder Girl is a little stupid but I hope that eventually, everything will go back to where Cassie is connected to Wonder Woman (Not likely considering the current Wonder Woman series). 
THE VERDICT: 4/5 (Great) 
I'm not a fan of the writer, this series or Teen Titans, but he has managed to make a good issues that got my mind off of all the other things that I'm not a fan of. I think that if he keeps going like this, at least until he leaves, we will have an enjoyable few issues. I wouldn't recommend this series, but it has had some good moments and this, so far is my fondest. If you are getting this series, get this issue. If you want a good story, this is also a good one. 
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Posted by sethysquare

I wish Sebastian Fiumara would stay in this book permanently.

Posted by StarKiller809
@sethysquare: As do I. I think his art work has more quality over all. 

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