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A ZERO HOUR tie-in! Superboy must rescue a hijacked plane from the villain Sidearm! Plus, Dr. Emil Hamilton performs a memory check on the Boy of Steel and the Superboy gets a new addition to his wardrobe.

A Zero Month crossover issue. Superboy is waiting at the Honolulu airport for a visiting Emil Hamilton and a returning Tana Moon when the super-villain Sidearm tries to take an airplane hostage. Superboy defeats him easily, gaining Tara a scoop. Later, Superboy brings Tana to visit Dr. Hamilton at the local S.T.A.R. Labs branch. It is time for Dr. Hamilton to perform a memory check for Superboy, and uses his diagnostics equipment to replay pieces of Superboy’s past, including his awakening in the clone tank, his escape from Cadmus, and his first encounter with Sidearm. With the diagnostics over, and nothing unusual presenting itself, Hamilton has a gift for Superboy: x-ray glasses. Meanwhile, King Shark is broken out of prison by the Silicon Dragons.

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