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Adam Ward patterning himself after the veteran superhero, Superpatriot. Super-Tough set himself up as an every man hero and fought crime as best he could, often aided by his youthful sidekick, Young-Tough.


Super-Tough created by Erik Larsen.

Character Evolution

Image Universe

Super-Tough (Image Universe)

In 1982 is when Super-Tough and his teenage sidekick Young-Tough engaged their deadliest foe, Damien Darklord in final combat. at the Ft. Heaton military base, the two heroes had offered their services to help protect an experimental new weapon - the Nega-Bomb. Super-Tough led his partner into battle to fend off a group of heavily armed men who were trying to steal the device and use its potential for mass destruction for their own ends. Damien Darklord engineered events enough to lead to the detonation of the original Nega-Bomb. Several people were killed, including Super-Tough and Damien Darklord. The blast also horribly scarred Young-Tough, leaving the abandoned teenager to grow up bitter and twisted, ultimately becoming the merciless vigilante Mace.

Savage World Universe

Super-Tough (Savage World Universe)

In this universe Super-Tough and Young-Tough didn't face Damien Darklord at the Ft. Heaton military base and they deliver the Nega-Bomb to the base. Year later, Adam Ward retied from super-hero life.

Major Story Arcs

Image Universe

Super-Tough Trapped on Darklord Universe

Super-Tough reunited with Mace

The effects of the Nega-Bomb however was more far-reaching than first assumed. The presence of the time traveling Darklord resulted in a temporal rift that created a parallel timeline; where it was Young-Tough that died in the blast while Super-Tough and Darklord lived on unharmed. Over the next decade and a half, Darklord proceeded to conquer this alternate Earth, removing any potential threats to his rule. Super-Tough was the only one left to challenge his rule. who adopted the role of freedom fighter. Unfortunately, Super-Tough's efforts are not nearly enough to topple the superior powered villain. After the S.O.S arrived in the parallel timeline and helped Super Tough defeat Darklord, he went back to his home Earth.

Powers & Abilities

Super Strength

Super-Tough has the strength, stamina and speed of a human in peak form.

Other Versions

Other Media

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