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Super Slave is a magical creature connected to an an ancient, sea-worn bracelet. Owners of the bracelet gain the services of the Slave. His primary power seems to be size-sifting. He was about 8 feet when first seen then grew to about 80 feet in the course of the adventure. His first act was to help his new owner Cappy, a fisherman, recover his daughter Jane. Jane had been on Cappy's trawler and had been swept overboard during a storm. The Slave managed to retrieve Jane before she drowned.

The next morning the Slave explained his rather vague origins and how he had slept for thousands of years. He explained that scratching the bracelet will make him appear when needed and disappear when no longer needed. Jane was next captured by a group of thugs and Cappy did not dare call the slave to a hostage situation. When he scratched the bracelet by accident, the Slave appeared in miniature form. He used this size to stealthily remove all the bullets from the thugs' weapons. He then grew to normal size and knocked them out.

The story ends with Cappy and Jane encountering a smuggler ship. All the crew reportedly being escaped convicts. Cappy predicted trouble and the story ended in a cliffhanger. It was never continued.

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