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Super School (subtitled 'Teaching Tomorrow's Heroes'), first appeared in issue 3454, dated October 18th 2008. The original name for the strip was The Ultras before it changed to the more explanatory Super School.

Their adventures usually involve defeating a villain of the week, learning to deal with their super-powers and problems that any school kid would face in the class room.


Super School was conceived by Alan Digby, editor of The Beano and drawn by Lew Stringer.


  • Bananagirl - "Like Bananaman only shorter" (but thankfully none of his stupidity), The Beano website has revealed that she is his niece.
  • Safari Sam - Can change into any animal.
  • Stinkbomb - Able to produce foul smells from his backside. Stinkbomb is often worried that his unusual super-power is rubbish.
  • Invisible Isobel - As her name suggests she can become invisible.
  • Waterboy - Able to control water.

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