The Super Hero Squad Show Moves To Primetime On Cartoon Network

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The Super Hero Squad is a show that I like even though it may not be the perfect "superhero" show.  When news about the show first came out, it seemed that most people, myself included, weren't too thrilled with the idea.  When the show debuted on September 19th, it had rave reviews (from myself included) and became Cartoon Network's number 1 show for Boys 6-8.  Clearly the show may not be geared towards you or I.  But the show has continued to grow in that demographic, increasing that audience by nearly 30%, according to Marvel.
That being said, I do like the show.  My six-year-old daughter likes it as well.  I've said in the past that what is great about this show is the vast amount of characters and guest stars that appear.  Throw in moments of clever and witty lines along with a stellar voice cast and it's a show worth watching.  Now the show is ready to make the leap to primetime.  Last Saturday, November 7th, The Super Hero Squad aired at 7:30 pm as part of Cartoon Network primetime line-up.  The show will continue to air weekdays Monday through Friday at 8:30 am.
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............ oh boy..... I'm excited......
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If the Punisher or Deadpool makes an appearance I wonder how they will handle it? 
Deadpool: Geez, you guys look so chibi-ish. Wait! Why am I not on adult swim!  

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LOL that'd be funny.  
Deadpool: *Stares at Black Widow's chest* 
Black Widow: *Looks at Captain America* What's he doing? 
Captain America: Uh... I dunno. 
Deadpool: I think I just found my happy place. 
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The punisher appearance was funny. He related how crime seeps into a neighborhood to vegetable juice ruining good mac and cheese.

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Its a fun show.  Why is DC asleep at the wheel?
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this is awesome id be enjoying it if i had my cable on
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the show is funny and good for kids  everything cant be for us though i enjoy the show and im 19 :/ this i s great news.
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I've been meaning to watch this.

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we should have articles and previews of Spectacular Spider-man so we can draw more attention to the show which is in danger of getting canceled

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@danhimself: We used to during Season One.  Since the move to Disney XD, they don't seem eager to share/promote the show.  Believe me, I've tried getting info to post.  It's also hard when most of the world has already seen Season Two.
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@G-Man: that sucks....I won't lie...I've seen all of season 2....but I still tune in for every episode on Disney XD....I can't believe that Disney wouldn't want to promote the show more and get more viewers in...I love the show and I really hope that Disney/Marvel reconsiders canceling the show and we get to see it go on for it's full run the way the writers wanted it to go
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I was prepared to hate this show but it's great for two of the reasons you mentioned:
1) The sheer amount of characters involved
2) It actually is pretty funny
     It's too bad the accompanying video game was such an abomination.

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