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The Super Friends battle the Menagerie Man.  At a charity basketball game at Gotham Gardens, the Menageria Man strikes with cheetahs and gazelles, seemingly coming out of nowhere.  He demands the crowd throw down thier jewelry.  Wendy and Marvin were at the game and she contacts Batman.  Batman controls the animals but MM disappears along with his animals.  Wendy then contacts all of the Super Friends. 
At the Hall of Justice, the Atom arrives as well to participate in the case.  The Super Friends figure MM used teleportation to escape. Commisioner Gordon contacts Batman at the Hall of Justice to tell him that MM struck again at the Big Dipper Night Club.  Marvin noticed a big dog on the screen, the same one that was at the basketball game and he realizes the dog was a clue.  The Super Friends then decide to pick events that have animal related themes as likely targets for MM.  Wendy and Marvin go with The Atom to a special display of Cat's Eye Jewels at the Palace of Gems. 
The Menagerie Man does indeed strike there, seeking the jewels and with a press of his belt, tigers and lions appear.  Somehow Atom's size and weight controls are affected and he is returned to Ray Palmer.  He shrinks down again and he realizes that the Menagerie Man controls the size of the animals and keeps them in different compartments on his belt.  The dog is MM transportation after he shrinks himself down.  Wendy and Marvin figure out MM ability to disappear as well and back at the Hall of Justice they wonder how MM can do the same thing Atom has but Atom has been doing it for years.   
At this point there is a 2 page flashback on Atom's origin.  The Super Friends figure out MM next strike will be at the Ivory exhibit and all members are going to stake it out.  Superman and Batman notice the dog walking in (carrying MM and the animals)  He appears with walruses but when they don't heed his orders, Aquaman tells thim that since walruses are sea mammals, they obey him above all.  So MM shrinks them.  Then hippos and elephants are enlarged but all the Super Friends subdue pitch in to subdue them.  As MM tries to escape, Wonder dog confronts the other dog and slows him down so Atom can stop MM.  Back at the Hall of Justice, Atom tells Wendy and Marvin the real reason he came by.  The Super Friends wanted to give Wendy and Marvin a Final Exam (ever since they defeated the world Beater).  They past displaying terrific detective skills.  Wendy realized that they are going to soon graduate from HS and Marvin expresses excitement at teaming with the entire Justice League

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