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This is the 2nd part of the Super Friends/Global Guardians crossover entitled: The Conqueror's Greatest Conquest." The 2 teams continue on their quest to rescue 6 villains captured by a new villain know as THE CONQUEROR. Superman and the Olympian rescue World Beater. The Wonder Twins and The Wild Huntsmen team up to free The Time Trapper and Robin and Rising Sun free Hector Hammond. World Beater and Time Trapper both turn on their rescuers but are quickly defeated. Hector Hammond is appreciative and informs Robin and Rising Sun of the exact location of the Conqueror. All the heroes reunite at the Conqueror's castle to find DR. Mist captured. Sinestro asked to come along with Aquaman and the Little Mermaid. The Conqueror was easily defeating the heroes but when he tried to use Sinestro's power ring against Dr. Mist, he was reduced to a quivering, cowering hulk. Sinestro decided to rethink his evil ways and the story ended with Dr. Mister saying that all the heroes were the true conquerors.

The 2nd Story was a solo story featuring the Hero from Israel, The Seraph, in" Echo of Evil>"

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