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The Super Friends battle 2 villains: Sky Rocket and The Riddler. The first time the Riddler left a clue to his crimes the Super Friends found out that it fit 2 places and Sky Rocket went to one and the Riddler the other. Sky Rocket easily escaped Superman. Aquaman wasn't in at the beginning of the case because he was taking care of a sea emergency. After the second riddle, Sky Rocket escaped again with jewelry but Superman and Batman caught the Riddler. The Riddler admitted that he overheard of Sky Rocket's plan and considered him a rival and when he gave the riddles as a clue to Sky Rocket's plans, his own mental block caused him to commit crimes that fit his riddles. When Superman asked where Sky Rocket was going to strike next, the Riddler gave a clue via another Riddle. Where does Marvin have a green thumb. The Super Friends deducted Marvin Gardens and Wendy (having played Monopoly a lot) recognized that Marvin Gardens is in the same color scheme as Atlantic and Vetnor Avenues as well as the Water Works. The Super Friends also knew that a ship known as the Vetnor was in the Atlantic with a shipment of Chromium. Figuring that was where Sky Rocket would strike, Superman went to confront him but Sky Rocket easily eluded Superman again. What he didn't know was that he was over the ocean and a pod of whales sprayed water from their spouts, thus dousing the rocket engines. Once in the water, Sky Rocket was easily captured by Aquaman. The Sea King ordered the whales to stop the villain and the story ends at the Hall of Justiec where Aquaman asks Super-Marv what else is near Marvin Gardens on a Monopoly board. Marv answered it was the place where Riddler and Sky Rocket were going: TO JAIL!

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