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The story starts with Wonder Woman and Aquaman battling a villain from a Desert world, known as Spectrum.  Once he is captured by the Lasso of Truth, he suddenlty disappears.  Batman, Robin and Superman defeat another villain known as the Anti-man.  He also disappears.   
These two villains appear in Dr. Indrom's labs, in cells that withstand their particular powers.  There are dozens of captured villains and Indrom's plan is to kill them all by disintegrating their atoms and have them reformed into one Robotic creature known as the World Beater.  Dr. Indrom gives World Beater a test to go to Earth and defeat all the heroes there.  
World Beater uses a false signal to gather the JLA at their Satellite HQ and he enters through the teleporter.  He claims to have beaten the following heroes: The Freedom Fighters, Plastic Man, most of the Titans,the Blackhawks, etc.  Green Arrow jumps in and is rebuked, followed by Green Lantern and the Flash.  As World Beater is defeating Elongated Man and Black Canary, the Atom signals the Super Friends and warns them not to come up to the Satellite.  After they learn how GL was defeated, they realized this monster has the powers of the villains they fought.  Atom is caught as he is still on the monitor screen and before the SF can prepare, World Beater is at the Hall of Justice.   
The Super Friends try to stop him with a simulaneous assault  Wonder Woman tells Wendy and Marvin to get away because her mom had a vision that they were the only ones able to stop this threat.  So they go to formulate a plan as World Beater freezes Aquaman, shocks the dynamic due, stop Superman with a blast of ANTI-MAN'S power and turns WW's lasso against her.  At this time Wonder Dog is a decoy and he trips up World Beater.  Then Wendy and Marvin arrive in knight armor (From the Trophy Room).  World Beater, thinking they are other heroes. uses Spectrum's X-rays to scan the armor.  What Wendy and Marvin figured was if he had the villain's powers then he had their weaknesses which included Anti-man's vulnerability to X-Rays, and he was knocked out by the x-rays.  The kids then revived the heroes with GL'S Power Ring and WW used her lasso to heal GL.  Superman says medals are not enough to express gratitude for Wendy and Marvin saving the Earth.  Marvin said Wonder Dog would settle for a T-bone steak and with that the story concludes.

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