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The story begins at the Hall of Justice where Robin is training Zan and Jayna in the art of boxing. It is great to see Jayna at the speed bag and Zan at the heavy bag. Robin gives them tips on how to punch with a mazimum of strength. Robin also explains that the kids may be a spot that a puch will be more effective than the use of their powers. They are amazed at how Robin can punch throught the heavy bag and Batman said that this kind of training allowed Robin to knock out hoods twice his size. Aquaman interrupts the training session by notifying the Super Friends of a Troubalert Call.

From here, we get the origin of T.N.T. and Dyna-Mite. (Heroes from the 1940s). The Manhatten Project caused their powers to get out of control and they needed to be isolated from each other and the world. A huge quake broke the bunkers that T.N.T. and Dyna-Mite were staying. Needing to be apart T.N.T headed north and Dyna-Mite South. TNT heading to the Rockies and Dyna-Mite to the Gulf of California. Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman with Gleek go to the Rockies, while Aquaman, Robin, and the Wonder Twins head to the Gulf of California.

On the way to the Gulf of California, Jayna provides the transportation by becoming a Quetzalcoatlus (type of pterodactyl). Since she doesn't fly fast, Aquaman's one hour time limit was fast approaching and he was getting weak. So Zan turned into a raincloud to refresh Aquaman. In the Rockies, Batman tried to stop TNT but he shot an atomic blast at Batman but WW deflected them with her bracelets. When Superman approached TNT, he emitted a blast but later we find out he was trying to get away from everybody so that noone would get hurt and he couldn't control the blast. Superman is told that TNT didn't break out of his bunker but a giant mole (a reference to next issue) bored throught and created an earthquake that released TNT and Dyna-Mite. That is when both men decided to go their separate ways again so that they don't touch and create a nuclear explosion. Superman decides to take TNT to a scientifically advanced city and Wonder Woman, Batman and Gleek are going to warn the other SF that Dyna-Mite isn't purposely trying to attack them.

Meanwhile as Aquaman and Robin try to stop Dan Dunbar (Dyna-Mite), he shoots an atomic blast to keep everyone away. Zan turns into a wall of water in order to prevent the atomic energy from leaking out. Aquaman sensed that there wasn't any big sea life nearby to incapacitate Dunbar, so Jayna volunteered to turn into whatever was needed. Aquaman said an elephant seal and Jayna not fully understanding all animal and sea life turned into a creature with a seal body and an elephant's head, much to Robin's amusement. Aquaman then planted a mental image of what an elephant seal looked like to Jayna. She turned into the correct form and then followed Aquaman's instructions to dive deep into the water several times, creating big enough waves to knock out Dan Dunbar. Wonder Woman and Batman told Robin that Dan meant them no harm and they had to decide to take him some place. Aquaman remembered that there was an isolation chamber in Poseidonis. So WW used her lariat as a ladder to transport Dan since it could't be affected by his atomic energy. Aquaman telepathed ahead to make sure that there was a suit ready to protect Dan underwater and to protect others from his atomic powers.

Dan wondered if Atlantis has the scientific ability to cure him and Aquaman told him that before Atlantis sank 11,600 years prior, the Continent was the most scientifically advanced in the world. In Atlantis the scientists told Aquaman that Dyna-Mite would be safe in the isolation chamber. Aquaman promised to check on him from time to time. Finally, we cut to Superman who brought TNT to his Fortress of Solitude and they shrunk down to enter the Bottled City of Kandor. TNT asked why he had to where his suit if the Kandorians were Kryptonians like Superman, they should be unharmed. Superman then explained that in Kandor, they are like the would be on Krypton, no super powers, not even Superman. Superman introduced TNT to 2 of the most brilliant scientists anywhere and he expressed confidence that they would be able to solve TNT's radiation problem. One of the scientists was Van Zee, Superman's cousin.

Back at the Hall of Justice, the Super Friends were still baffled over the giant Mole Creature that destroyed the bunkers. Superman said he saw the creature briefly in a battle with the Parasite. Dr Mist then came on the Troubalert Monitor and said that he could tell them about the creature. This made a perfect seguay into Next Issues THE MINDLESS IMMORTAL

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