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The issue starts with a villain known as the Overlord paying an assassin known as the Kingslayer (Known for poliitcal assassinations. Wonder Woman (As Diana Prince) gets the heads up from Steve Howard. While not knowing who is behind the planned assassinations, Howard identified 6 heads of states without security. The Super Friends while lamenting that the other Justice League members were away on missions, Wonder Woman named the 6 leaders in need of protection. Each Super Friend chose a leader that they met at least once. The most notable leaders were Solovar of Gorilla City (The Wonder Twins) and Vulko of Atlantis (Aquaman).

Kingslayer set traps for each leader but the Super Friends were able to help the leaders escape.

Wonder Woman intercepted 3 missiles meant for the plane Queen Atrid was on. In the Subway system under NYC, Batman and prince Ali of Kaliph were disguised but so was Kingslayer. A blast from a "camera" placed Prince Ali in the path of a Subway Train. A disguised Batman jumped in the trains path and with Ali jumped onto the train. In a cab the Wonder Twins and Solivar were talking about the twins amazement with the advanced gorilla. The cab driver jumps out of the cab and the sides started to close in. The Twins used their powers to bust up the booby-trapped cab. Kingslayer then sent an anonymous tip to celebrity hunters informing them that Robin and Princess Evalina(Valdania) were headed to her hotel room. The distraction allowed Kingslayer to throw a grenade. Robin caught it and noticed it was giving off a possibly poisonous gas. Robin located an unoccupied rooftop from which he tossed the grenade. The he took Eva to her hotel.

Aquaman and Vulko were already at Vulko's suite and the monarch marvelled at the extravagance. Aquaman told Vulko that this was normal in order to impress visiting royalty. Both started to get weak because they had been out of water for nearly an hour. Aquaman tried the shower but it was booby-trapped with a stream of fire. However, Aquaman found the sink and realized that it wasn't trapped and the water renewed both Arthur and Vulko. Finally, Superman and Prince Mark of Sardonia were in another hotel suite. Room Service delivered a bottle of champagne and he ran out before waiting for a tip. When "Prince Mark" opened it, the bottle exploded. Superman was disguised as the Prince and vice versa. Superman used his x-ray vision to detect nitroglyecerine in the bottle. Superman told Prince Mark to lie low so that the "killer" would think he is dead. The Prince was now disguised as Clark Kent (Superman's Secret Identity) and went to hide out in CK's hotel room. Kingslayer believes one assassination was successful which would cause enough of a distraction for him to complete his real plan. Back at the Hall of Justice, the Super Friends compared notes. All the Super Friends realized that the assassin's plan was to divert attention with the 6 attacks from his real targets.

At the conference of world leaders over 100 heads of states were there. Prince Mark shows up and says thanks to the Super Friends, he was not killed. He then told his fellow leaders not to sit down yet, as Wonder Woman used her Magic Lasso to pull a leader away (who was about to sit at his chair). Superman showed the leaders why. The chairs were electrocuted in order to commit a mass murder. Batman also showed that if this ploy failed that the microphones were set to release a poisonous gas. Wonder Woman showed that the killer left nothing to chance and she showed that the lights had deadly heat waves and they melted a chair. Aquaman reminded the leaders what that ray would have done to them. Kingslayer then jumps out with numerous snipers. The Super Friends jumped into action and each one took on all of the gunmen. Zan and Jayna transformed into a stream of water and a falcon to subdue The Kingslayer.

Superman says "That takes care of that". Batman wonders if it is really because they didn't get any info on who hired him. Wonder Woman suggested using her Lasso of Truth. Robin thinks they should do it and worry about legalities later. Zan wishes that Gleek could have joined them in New York and Jayna admitted that Gleek would have liked meeting King Solovar. With that another issue was concluded, though the reader knows that the Super Friends will hear from the Overlord soon again.

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