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The creation of the legendary Jack Kirby for his Fourth World series.

The First Super-Cycle (Forever People)

Together Forever!

A living piece of New Genesis Technology, the Super-Cycle was built by the New Gods. The Super-Cycle was utilized by the Forever People in their quest to defeat Darkseid on Earth. It was their primary mode of transportation and was capable of carrying all of them, but it's primary pilot was Big Bear.

Throughout the team's many adventures, it has remained their faithful companion and friend.

The Second Super-Cycle (Young Justice)

Rip Roar

Over two thousand years ago, the Apokolips warrior known as Rip Roar managed to steal a Super-Cycle from the New Gods and imprinted himself upon the wondrous piece of New Genesis technology, binding it to his service. He proceeded to plunder and cause havoc until he was sabotaged by his rival Kalibak and both he and his mechanical steed were entombed alive on the planet Earth.

Mighty Endowed

In the modern day, a group of archeologists partially unearth the Super-Cycle which accidentally transforms one of them, Nina Dowd into a cat-like female with hypnotic powers. Intoxicated with her new appearance and abilities, she promptly renames herself Mighty Endowed. Despite attempts by Agent Donald Fite and Ishido Maad of A.P.E.S. (All Purpose Enforcement Squad) to prevent them from interfering; Superboy, Robin, and Impulse investigated and freed the Super-Cycle from its tomb.

Young Justice

Immediately, the Super-Cycle attempts to locate Rip Roar and frees him. However, he is far from pleased and enraged at how long it took the Super-Cycle to rescue him. Robin is able to convince the Super-Cycle to abandon it's abusive master and come have adventures and fun with the youthful teenage heroes instead.

Shocked by the rejection of the Super-Cycle, Rip Roar is covered in molten lava and defeated. The trio of heroes immediately adopt the sentient machine and declare themselves as Young Justice afterward.

The Super-Cycle would thus become the primary means of travel for Young Justice, bonding with many of the members (although Superboy was insulted that the Super-Cycle seemed to like Robin the best even after the Teen of Steel had named the machine after himself). Impulse seemed to have a special ability to understand and convince the Super-Cycle to obey his orders but most often, Robin acted as the primary pilot for the living machine.

The Super-Cycle was responsible for initiating several adventures for the group; somehow sensing incidents where their presence was needed such as saving Arrowette from Harm and defeating Despero.

After Robin departed from the group, the Super-Cycle appeared to bond with Slobo. After Slobo's apparent destruction, the Super-Cycle disappeared and has not been seen since.

Powers and Abilities

Each Super-Cycle possesses the power to travel at tremendous speeds on either the ground or in the air. It can achieve supersonic speeds and also generates a protective shield that enables it's passengers to remain unharmed by friction, air pressure, and other hazards. The Super-Cycle is also able to transit and navigate through the New Gods' Boom Tubes, although it apparently cannot create one on it's own.

In addition, each Super-Cycle has the ability to "phase out" or to render itself (and it's passengers) temporarily intangible. In this mode, it can pass through solid obstacles, barriers, or even the earth itself.

The Super-Cycle also incorporates a number of weapons that it can deploy independently. One of it's cannons has proven capable of leveling a glacier with a single blast. The full firepower and capability of each Super-Cycle remains undetermined.

The Super-Cycle also possesses limited shape-shifting capabilities. When in danger, it is capable of morphing itself and altering it's configuration. Typically, it retracts itself into a smaller, more armored shape which makes it more able to defend itself but it is not capable of movement nor carrying any passengers in this defensive configuration. On one occasion, the Super-Cycle was even able to combine temporarily with another Super-Cycle to create a powerful combat robot. Apparently, this combing is also the method of which the Super-Cycles reproduce and gestating a new offspring.

The Super-Cycle possesses undefined sensory capabilities that renders it capable of detecting or sensing events from distant places. For example, the Super-Cycle utilized by Young Justice often demonstrated the ability to sense situations that required their attention. The Super-Cycle possesses a psychic bond to it's owners and is capable of finding them from vast distances.

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