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Prior to the Events of Darker than Black, one night, when Suou, her brother Shion, and her father were camping, they noticed a falling star. Suddenly more started to fall, one even crashing into their campsite, resulting in Suou's death and Shion's transformation into a Contractor. With his unique ability, Shion created a false Suou, passing her off as his real sister. Something even Suou was unaware of. Years later, it was revealed that Suou was also a Contractor. From then on, Hei adopted her as his pupil.

Suou appears in Gemini of the Meteor observing and taking pictures of her friends Nika and Tanya. Suou is later acquainted with April who has been disguising herself as a colleague of her fathers for some time. However, Hei arrives and kills April. After finding out that her brother Shion is in Japan, Suou decides to head there while be accompanied by Hei. Suou awakens her powers, which materializes a large anti-tank sniper rifle from her locket after the death of her friend Nika by the hands of her former friend Tanya, while meeting July who helps Suou. When Hei, Suou, Mao, and July arrive in Japan, Hei begins to train Suou with her abilities and hand to hand combat. It was revealed later that the original Suou actually died and this is just a fake Suou created by Shion. During the final events in Hell's Gate, Suou discovers her brother is actually Izanagi. We last see Suou waking up for school in a reality Shion created for her where she seemed to have forgotten everything that previously happened.

Character Evolution

In the beginning, Suou was a kind and vulnerable girl who cared for her family and friends (especially her brother). Although she became a contractor, she retained her caring personality instead of the one of a Contractor. When with Hei, although he started off as physicially abusive, she managed to develop feelings for him. By the end, she had become strong willed and an expert marksman, easily caring her large sniper rifle and having near perfect aim even without July's assistance.

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