What would happen if Magma and Sunspot have a child?

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Wouldn't that be interesting? I'm not trying to think of another Hrimhari/Wolfsbane thing, but I wonder if they would have sex shifting their forms. I bet that's what Hrimhari and Wolfsbane probably did. What I mean is that first, they did it in their human form then they did it in Sunspot's solar flare form and Magma's magma form. I really wonder how their child will turn out. This came into mind when I found out that Sunspot and Magma have feelings for each other. I mean they are both from Brazil. They have that in common. Well, if they do have a child, I wonder how the childbirth will go. When Magma gives birht to the child, I bet that the whole room and the people in it will be set on fire, except Sunspot and Magma of course. It's like they will give birth to a sun or something equivalent to it, if their powers merged. Well, the sun part is outrageous. Well, what do you guys think?

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Their child would grow up to be really hot.

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actually i think that would be pretty koo. mother a mini volcano father a mini sun

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X-kids tend to be put through the wringer and have terrible childhoods, it would not look good for them based on Rachel and Nate and Legion.

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The Yellowstone Caldera would erupt... ;-)

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