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Sunburst I

Takeo Sato was the first to take the name of Sunburst. Earlier on in his life, Takeo had inhaled volcanic vapors as a child. The chemical elements present in the gases triggered changes in his body that would emerge later as an adult. While working as a stuntman, Takeo's powers manifested when he found he was able to make himself fly without the use of a harness and cables. Sato tried to keep his powers secret but was forced to use them to commit crimes after his parents were kidnapped. Sato is able to free them with the help of Rising Sun and decides to become a real superhero. He then went on to be a founding member of the Japanese team, Big Science Action.

Sato was killed during the Crisis on Infinite Earths when he teamed with Rising Sun and the female Dr. Light in an attempt to fight off the Anti-Monitor's Shadow Demons.

Sunburst II

The second man to take on the name of Sunburst was an unrevealed celebrity who claimed to be one of Japan's greatest superheroes. He has his own show which happened to be a re-imagining of the same show Takeo Sato worked on. He apparently also has his own manga series and is constantly dogged by the media. Sunburst's career as a superhero, and maybe even his life, came to an end when he was confronted by the Brotherhood of Dada. He was pulled into Frenzy, the living cyclone, and has yet to appear since then. Sunburst II was created by Grant Morrison, Richard Case and John Nyberg.

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