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Monkey King, traditionally his origins are known, as having him, born from a mythical stone egg, upon Flower Fruit Mountain. After demonstrations of bravery and discovery, he was granted and known with the role of Monkey King. In his efforts to discover the secret of immortality he had at one point, become the student of the immortal Bodhi, who granted his Sun Wukong his very name and title. With further travels, Sun Wukong was able to take human mannerisms and traits. A famous tale of Sun Wukong's being his bet against Buddha. The bet being whether Sun could escape from Buddha's very palm, and of course a very cocky and arrogant Sun, with his knowledge that he could travel over 54,000 kilometers with a leap, felt such a challenge easy. So with a leap, he found himself making his way towards the edge of the world, where he came across five pillars. To signify his achievement, he marked one of the pillars, so that all may know, what he had accomplished. Upon returning to Buddha, it was then realized that the pillars Sun had come across, had in fact been Buddha's fingers. Buddha finally taming the mischievous trouble maker. Experiencing many more great adventures and stories, Sun Wukong eventually finds himself in various cities associated with Heaven and Hell.


Sun Wukong is the protagonist of the great classic Chinese story Journey to the West. Credited as the likely author to this epic tale, Wu Cheng'en. As such Sun Wukong's creation, spreading over many centuries.


Fear Itself

Fifteen years ago, crime lord who calls himself the "Monkey King" was challenged by one of his men into stealing the Ruyi Jingu Bang - the original Monkey King's bo staff and was told that if he was successful he will have all if his gold as well. The man easily swifted through all the ancient traps and was able to steal the staff only to be betrayed by his subordinate. Now trapped in the Monkey King's cave he met the original Sun Wukong and a contract was made. For stealing the staff he would receive all of the Monkey King's powers and skills but at a price: if he has true evil in his heart he will be sent to the Eighth City, (where as the seven cities before it are considered the Seven Cities of Heaven, the Eight is analogous to Hell) will burn for eternity but if he is inherently good, he will be set free. But the man was guilty of the crimes he had committed and thus was cast down to Hell with the powers and skills of the Monkey King in tow.

For fifteen years he stayed there and made Hell his personal playground. After dispatching a mob of demons, a fiery explosion occurs nearby, as one of the Worthy's Hammers has landed nearby. Armed with curiosity the Monkey King sets out to investigate the nature of this powerful impact.

His attempts to lift the hammer are met with failure, and he subsequently finds himself in the shadows of both Titania and the Absorbing Man. Titania though possessed by the being known as Skirn, Breaker of Men, it is revealed the she actually knows of Sun Wukong from times, past. She attacks him, allowing Creel the chance to claim the hammer. His contact with it, transforming him into Greithoth: Breaker of Wills.

Powers and Abilities

Many more powers are implied. Although not demonstrated in any modern day comics, the character from the novel, was to wield a 8 ton staff with minimal effort, somersault over miles, and transform into 72 different animals and objects. His hair has magical properties and he knows various mystic spells.

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