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Sumo was created by Louise Simonson and Rob Liefeld in 1990 and first appeared in New Mutants #93.

Major Story Arcs

Sumo's first mission was in Madripoor in which he was helping to distribute a poison into city waters.  Cable and the New Mutants foiled these plans.  
 Death of Sumo
The MLF mainly used Sumo as the bulk in their operations.  He didn't attend every outing by the group, but during his missions he would be as formidable as the Blob (but far quieter).  His appearances, however, were short-lived.  Cable shot him through the head when the MLF tried to steal a hieroglyph from an Egyptian prison. 

Powers & Abilities

Sumo has superhuman strength, stamina, and resistance to injury. His flesh can absorb most impacts. He can also shift his weight in order to leap great distances.

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