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Building a Resistance

80 years in the future, the government has decided that Mutantkind is the nation’s greatest threat and is forcing mutants into camps. Everyone has pretty much given up hope that anything can change it until Layla Miller and a duplicate of Jamie Madrox are pulled into the future. 80 years in the future, Ruby Summers and Layla Miller convince Cyclops it's time to fight the government forcing mutants to live in camps and be branded.

X-Factor III - Layla Miller One-Shot

Layla was put into the internment camp located in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn. When she escapes, almost immediately she encounters the blue haired, power-blasting mutant Linqon and arranges it so the young woman is able to escape capture. Dwayne, a blonde car thief, sees her help Linqon this and becomes interested in how Layla was able to do it. Using his interest, Layla is able to recruit him into giving her a ride from Manhattan to Atlantic City.

X-Factor III - Layla Miller One-Shot

When they arrive, Dwayne admits that he drove her because he really had nothing better to do. His explanation is cut short as they are attacked by a blast of energy that hits the ground directly in front of Layla’s new friend. A blonde haired, ruby-skinned mutant in leather reveals herself and tells them to get out of there seconds before she recognises Layla. In return, Layla also knows that the woman is “his” daughter. Her name is Ruby and her father is Scott Summers. When Layla sees Cyclops, she runs towards him, only to be slapped away. He calls her a monster and blames her for everything that has happened. She responds by breaking down and begging him to kill her. Shocked, he bends down to hold her and promises Layla that everything will be okay.

Later, Layla brings up Linqon while talking to Ruby. About how she’s a new mutant in New York, helpless and afraid, being chased by the police. “She needs your help. Because things are about to change. It’s your time.” Layla reminds her of her father’s old dream, and Ruby admits that yes, she heard the story, but she also heard about all the mutants who died because of it and how it never happened. That’s when Cyclops interjects, saying they have nothing to lose in trying. Ruby smiles at hearing that and says she knew it, but she wasn’t sure he still remembered. “Layla... to hell with getting the apple cart rolling. Let’s kick the damn thing over.”

An Act of Rebellion

X-Factor III - Layla Miller One-Shot

 In the city, on television billboards, the President is giving a speech about ‘Operation Purity’. There are testing centers are being set up and all citizens will be required to submit for genetic testing because “War is peace. Hatred is acceptance.” Ruby can’t take it anymore. She shoots one Sentinel through the head before yelling “And up is down! And down is where you are going!” Linqon looks up from the crowd to see Ruby and Dwayne on a rooftop. “I am Ruby Summers! I am a mutant! Most of you are not! But today we stand together and say enough! Enough of our rights being trampled! Enough of imprisonment for the sake of freedom! Enough of sins in the name of redemption! Today... we rebel!!!”



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