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Against Heggra

Suli was Darkseid's first true love. Darkseid knew that Heggra, his mother, didn't approve of Suli. He secretly married the sorcerous. It didn't take long for Heggra to learn of this, especially when Heggra proposed to Darkseid to marry Tigra.


Suli loved Darkseid. Even though he was very protective. She eventually gave birth to Darkseid's first son, Kalibak.


When Darkseid came back to the castle one day, he found his wife stone cold on the floor. He was in a rage and soon found out his friend, Desaad assassinated Suli for his mother. In revenge he gave Desaad a second chance. He had his lackey murder his own mother.


Hieght- 5'7"

Wieght- 140lbs.

Eyes- Red

Hair- Black

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