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Just a cashier
Suki Yumiko was a mere cashier at a market in Tokyo when she was snatched up by a selection beam and taken to Nu-Xandar. She had been chosen, along with many other people on Earth, to become a Nova Centurion in the new Nova Corps that was being reconstructed. Like everyone else, she accepted the recruitment.

When she and the other new recruits did not realize was that the Worldmind was using subliminal cues and endorphins to make them all compliant and loyal to the Nova Corps. Suki only went through a crash course in how to be a Nova Centurion for a few days before it was decided that the Nova Corps would get involved in the War of Kings that had just begun between the Shi'ar and the Kree.

Overwhelmed by war
Suki was one of the Centurions assogmed to be deployed as the primary assault force and specifically became part of the Cohort 86 battle group. They intervened against the Shi'ar army that was attempting to annex a Kree world rich with fuel deposits. This was all rather overwhelming for Suki, who had never experienced anything remotely like it before. Robbie Rider talked her through it from his strategic post back on Nu-Xandar, trying to keep her reassured. The Shi'ar forces were successfully pushed back, but this did not end the battle. A teleportation beam brought the Imperial Guard into the fray.

The inexperienced Nova Centurions were simply no match for the Imperial Guard. Suki attempted to help Malik Tarcel, the current Nova Prime, in his fight against Gladiator, but there was little she could do. Gladiator casually defeated her, causing injury to one of her arms. When Tarcel was forced to surrender to save all of their lives, Suki was among those surviving Centurions taken as prisoners of war by the Imperial Guard. Gladiator left with Tarcel, leaving Suki and the others in the hands of Xenith.

Suki and her fellow Centurions were all cruelly executed on site.

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