The Suicide Squad Movie Debate Thread

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Is not only about Casting, writer and director.
Is about storyline, inside jokes, movie concept art, filming locations, cameos, movie suits and more. 
Characters that are not members on the comic but could be in the movie to gain Popularity boost.
Deathstroke the Terminator: Robert Patrick or Tim Roth or Stephen Lang or Hugh Laurie
Harley Quinn: Diora Baird or Kristen Bell or Kaley Cuoco or Amanda Bynes   
Change Oracle for The Calculator, main reason she is a child in Batman Nolan Movies, also the Supervillian Team idea works better
The Calculator: Johnny Galecki or Michael Weston  
Now Real Team Memebers
Deadshot: Christian Slater or James Marsters or Jason Statham or Jeffrey Dean Morgan  or Wentworth Miller

Poison Ivy: Rachel Nichols or Krista Allen or Christina Hendricks

Bronze Tiger: Henry Simmons or Erik King

Amanda Waller: Angela Bassett (She is inside the Green "Deadpool" Lantern Movie)

Black Orchid: Summer Glau or Elisha Cuthbert or Olivia Wilde

Captain Boomerang (Digger Harkness): Mark Hamill or Ray Liotta

Captain Cold (Leonard Snart): William Shatner or Paul Giamatti

Count Vertigo: Zachary Quinto or Ralph Fiennes or Paul Bettany

Doctor Light (Arthur Light): Michael Emerson or Robert Knepper

Enchantress: Rhona Mitra or Jodi Lyn O'Keefe

Nightshade: Emily Blunt or Karen Cliche

Vixen: Meagan Good or Kerry Washington

Rick Flagg, Jr.: Christopher Meloni or Thomas Gibson

Deadstroke?: Ryan Reynolds    (Just a joke) 
Director: Lexi Alexander or John Woo    
Martial Arts Choreographer

  Donnie Yen       
Gun Kata Choreographer Jim Vickers  

  This is all what i have to this point.

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awesome idea's!  Diaora Bird and Kristen Bell would be an Harley Quinn ... but Amanda Bynes has retired. :( she would have been perfect. 

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great casting choices especially Rhona Mitra as Enchantress (she was amazing in Doomsday)
I would also like to see her play Catwoman, in Batman 3.

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I'd rather see an animated secret six movie over a suicide squad movie.

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 I like her more like Domino for a Deadpool Movie, i just dont have any idea for a Catwoman in the Nolanverse    

@Cherry Bomb:  
I like her for a over the top funny Harley, but i think Kristen could do more a movie version and that Diora looks more like the Character


Stephen Lang  looks like Deathstroke, i still tink i like more Tim Roth as actor
Thanks for the comment please give some ideas for the movie. 
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@Gambler said:
He was awesome in Avatar!
#8 Posted by DeathpooltheT1000 (15745 posts) - - Show Bio
@War Killer:
He is Stephen Lang, i have to say he looks like Deathstroke i just dont know if he could be Deatrhstroke
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Christina Hendricks would make a beautiful and alluring Poison Ivy, seriously, she has to be featured in the next Batman movie. Problem is, Nolan probably won't include powers. :( and Poison Ivy HAS to have her powers.

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Rachel Nichols would make a better Plastique. :D

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@Cherry Bomb: 
I dont think that she could be in the Next Batman movie, i think Nolan like almost real things, still i think Ivy is more that her powers. 
Also bring one mission members is a good idea, after the fact some should die in the Movie. 
I still think that this movie should be not made in the Nolan Style, the character should actually be not a Comic Book version but still have the powers or something that help them into the missions.  
Still some rumors of Continuity, that this movie, GL, Batman Nolanverse and the ne Superman ones, will happen inthe same universe to cast Bale and Reynolds as Batman an Green Lantern.
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 I don't think the role should go to anyone else but Michael Jai White. He may not be that serious of an actor, but he doesn't need that many lines, anyway. Besides, he has the most spectacular-looking jump kick.... Just ask Jean-Claude Van Damme.
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@Static Shock: He does that kick in like every movie he's in huh? LOL
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@geraldthesloth: I've only seen it in two movies. LOL.
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@Static Shock:@geraldthesloth: Actually i like him, he is my Duddley on my SF casting.
I think on Lateef Crowder as the Stunt Martial Arts guy, i like his Style and i feel he looks amazing on screen when he does his move.
To bad i cant upload movies, becuase i use firefox, but he is amazingly good.
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I would cast the DA on Bones as Amanda Waller. 
Rick Flagg Nathan Fillion
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@chrisburgess99: Fillion was actually the perfect Green Lantern Hal Jordan
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@Static Shock:
i agree with michael jai white for bronze tiger
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@sladewilson30: To many people could remember him as Gambol of TDK and since, DC say every movie is in an alternate universe, that could confuse many people.
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Would they even need Plastique, she was only in the title for an issue or two back in the original run. 

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