Suicide Squad Creator Gives Thoughts On Movie Roster

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I think a lot of people were surprised when it was announced that a movie was in the works for Suicide Squad.  This has the potential to really turn things around.  A superhero movie focusing more on the villains could be something.  Okay, maybe the "Dark Knight" should have been called "The Joker" but you know what I mean.

What concerns me a little is Suicide Squad creator John Ostrander didn't find out about the movie deal until the morning it was announced.  I understand that when a comic book movie will be made, they don't necessarily have to talk to the actual creator.  It just makes more sense to include them.  Who else really knows the property and characters?

Talking to MTV, Ostrander gave his thoughts on who he thinks should be in the movie.
“I think that [government liaison to the team] Amanda Waller is a necessity,” said Ostrander. “Ditto for Deadshot, Rick Flag, Bronze Tiger, Nightshade, and the original Captain Boomerang.”

It could be difficult to get the rights to all these characters but, as mentioned, none have appeared in any movies before. 

Ostrander also mentions that he hasn't been contacted about the movie but is not ruling out the possibility.
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Daaayumn. That would be awesome if they actually used the characters mentioned. I cant even imagine seeing Deadshot and Bronze Tiger on the big screen. That would be sick.

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Let's start crossing our fingers, praying, making voodoo ritual pacts or whatever it takes to get this to happen.

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#3 Posted by Spectrum (4453 posts) - - Show Bio

Sounds pretty b!itchin,

Id like to see what they do with CAptain Boomerang, weather they tome it down, or tone it way way way up.

Im talking nuclear-rang baby!!!!!!

#4 Posted by Jean_Luc_LeBeau (82981 posts) - - Show Bio
G-Man said:
"Let's start crossing our fingers, praying, making voodoo ritual pacts or whatever it takes to get this to happen.
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they better change boomerang's costume if they include him

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This could be the one comic movie i will be so damn ahppy to see turn out great. I mean i want them all to but if they pull this off and keep it to the comics it be freaking awesome

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I haven't heard of the Suicide Squad, sounds cool.

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im happy aslong as Deadshot, Bronze Tiger and Bane are in it

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I love the character but I like Ostrander's line up, Waller, Flag, Deadshot, Bronze Tiger, Nightshade, Cap. Boomerbutt......throw in Count Vertigo or The Enchantress and I'm sold!
Suicide Squad was THE BEST book of the 80s next to The New Teen Titans, frickin' ruled!

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This would be a very smart move for Warner and DC.  Suicide Squad is much more adaptable for a movie-length storyline than Green Lantern or Wonder Woman would be.

Wouldn't mind seeing Duchess as a sideways way of including one of the New Gods in a film.

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@Nighthunter said:
" they better change boomerang's costume if they include him "
its awesome! gives the australia feel. though they should have it black backround, red boomerangs

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