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Serpent Squad
The Serpent Squad is for you. You can go and tell the world what you think of them. Laws are for chumps. Your boss is a nice-looking red-head. Just steer clear of her dad...the Red Skull. And try not to get injured in the field or they just might leave you behind.
Flash Museum
Running the Flash Museum can be a nice calm job. You get to check out the glory of the Flashes. A cool place to work. Sometimes too cool if Captain Cold comes to town though. Be sure to keep a jacket in the employee room.
Daily Bugle
Welcome to the Daily Bugle. Lucky you. Your boss is Jolly J. Jonah Jameson. Get some dirt on Spider-Man and he'll make you employee of the month.
Team Youngblood. You get to have the glory and beat up bad guys. The world loves the hero. This is your chance to shine. And if you're lucky, maybe Rob Liefeld will draw you.

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