How is the new issues of Suicide Squad?

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Me being a huge fan of Harley Quinn, when I saw the cover of the first issue of Suicide Squad I had to read it. So, I picked up the original Suicide Squad comics and I loved them. I still on volume 1 right now, but I can tell it's amazing. I fell in love with every character and loved every minute of it. So, me being extremely hyped to read the new issues I looked at some reviews of them. The reviews were mixed. I also heard that Harley Quinn was completely ruined. No one wants to hear that, one of my all time favorite comic book characters, even characters in general, is ruined. So, I want to ask all of you, What do you think of the new issues of Suicide Squad and Is Harley Quinn really ruined?

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I feelings on harley are mixed, I was a huge fan of hers since her btas appearance but the new harley seems weird.

She is kind of a tramp both in costume and relationship BUT she is also more badass if you get up to the more recent issue, so I'm torn. Her personality is also a little darker and more unstable so I'm going to stick it out a bit longer because I'm not hating harley but I'm not completely sold on her yet either. But her obsession with Mr. J is still intact, if they make her less of i slut then i can deal with her costume considering she is now more kickbutt and seems to be more of a threat.

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@JoEy9090: nope, she's AAAAAALLLLLLL joker in SS. One mention of him and she goes WHACKO.

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@JoEy9090: I'm hoping it's just because she wants to know if the joker is really dead or not so she plans to go find out for herself but she will probably need another epiphany to get over him

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To be honest, Harley acts the same as she's always been. She's just more unstable and more badass now. I think people who are saying that she's ruined, is overacting and being a drama queen. As far as the outfit goes, her outfit finally matches her personality. If you look at Harley in the comics before the Joker came into her life, she was quite the bimbo. Sleeping with her teacher to graduate and get internship in Arkham while being in a relationship with her late bf, Guy Kopski. Not to mention the choice of outfits she wore outside her costume too. I mean don't get me wrong, the Mad Love story was great but that story didn't really tell enough about her history before Arkham, I thought her comic series added to that background.

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Been meaning to check that book and just wanted to know if it is any good. It seemed interesting from some scans I saw.

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the Squad is a great book, if you get a chance check it out.

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Now that it's 12 issues later, how would you guys say it is? I read the first volume and it was pretty fun but looking at reviews of the more recent issues suggests there was a big drop in quality.

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