halfshellhero's Suicide Squad #2 - When the Levee Breaks review

Not Exactly a Touchdown

This might just be my personal tastes, but I have always liked the darker heroes and am always intrigued when heroes take lives. This team is much like Marvel's current Thunderbolts team, but more black ops. Not only does the team comprise convicted criminals, it also tries it's best to keep the team out of sight. The premise of this book seems exciting to me. The execution however falls short of what could be spectacular.

This particular issue puts our "heroes" in a live field mission. The mission itself is pretty standard, the dialogue is pedestrian, the art does not immerse the reader, and the ending can be seen from a light year away. It was all in all, just an average book.

The reason I picked up this book is Harley Quinn and I'm sure long time fans have plenty to say about her, but I've tried to forget almost everything I know about all of the New 52's characters. I have no idea what's a reset, a reboot, or a continuation, so I'm going at it with a clean slate and while this isn't the best portrayal of her that I've read, I hope that her character develops more in the future.

Not best of the New 52 and certainly not a standout issue, I hope the future of this line gets better as the creative team feels out the characters.


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