monkeytoe's Suicide Squad #7 - The Hunt for Harley Quinn, Conclusion review

Suicide Squad: B-

Over all, I have been enjoying the Suicide Squad comics. This most recent issue has some things I really like, but also some things I am not so hot on.

The Good

I am becoming a real Deadshot fan. This character is lethal and smart and unlike his teammates like Savant, he is not psychotic, which makes him all the more deadly. It was a real treat watching him take in stride the fact that Harley drapes the Joker's skinned face across him and use Harley's weakness against her as he works himself free. The smarts on this character make him more deadly than other would be assassins like Savant because he is less likely to be tricked into standing on a land mine.

The Bad

I have also been a big fan of Harley in this series, but I don't think their origin for her has done her justice. She is fanatical and psychotic but the explanation of it being because of a bad day at the office? Lame. I'm all about the angle of a psychiatrist being driven to madness by the patients, but being driven insane because you have a bad boss? Meh. Also, the book seems to suffer a bit from the fact that it is an ensemble book. We don't get a lot of information on characters before they are executed and even some of the staple members we are still in the dark about, ala Kind Shark.

Still it is an enjoyable read. 3.5/5

Posted by The Mighty Monarch

I didn't really get that from this issue. She was slowly developing a madness bubbling inside her from her history, and Joker's sly manipulations. The bad day at the office was just the spark in a room that Joker had slowly filled with hydrogen.

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