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Pawns in the Great Game...

The Story:

Belle Reve is in shambles. Amanda Waller is stuck inside the prison and has a last ditch plan to free herself. However, she doesn't realize the Thinker has plans of his own.

The Good:

This issue is unpredictable in a very good way. Amanda Waller and the Thinker have both assembled teams to meet their goals and these two teams are about to collide in an explosive way. We also see agendas for James Gordon and King Shark beginning to take shape. This book features a wide variety of characters but Matt Kindt does a great job of giving them all a chance to shine.

Without giving away spoilers, and obviously based on the cover, this series is being injected with some new blood in the form of these new additions. They are all pretty interesting and I can't wait to find out what their motivations are here. The best surprise of the book was the "secret weapon" in question and it turned out to be one of my favorite new 52 characters.

The art by Patrick Zircher is his usual great work and never fails to disappoint.

The Bad:

I have to wait a month until the next issue!

The Score:


Matt Kindt has this book moving in the right direction and its a beautiful thing. His writing and Zircher's art make for a great creative team. I can't wait for the next issue.

Posted by lifeboy

Read this, didn't really like it. What is powergirl andsteel joining the suicide squad? They are not the kinda people to join an organization like this. Both those warriors are pretty clean cut and in the staight and narrow. It just doesn't sound like something they would do other than solely for star power.

Posted by Jake Fury

@lifeboy: They are actually opposing the Squad, being mislead by the Thinker.

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