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Jarring Conclusion

So it seems like Ales Kot isn't the type of writer to let a story draw out past his run, because this issue takes all of the loos e little ends he set up and ties them up in a pretty rushed manner. Not helping it feel any less rushed is the fill-in artwork of Rick Leonardi with far too many inkers. The art is all over the place, and overall it's just too simplistic, at times resembling Scott McDaniel.

There was a lot going for the story of this issue. It was definitely amusing to have Lynch and his army of custom made metahumans built up as a serious threat, especially to anyone who read later issues of Deathstroke and Team 7, only to have them taken out like they were nothing by the suicide squad. It's anticlimactic in a way that totally works.

All the characters are extremely entertainingly executed as usual, and their interactions are solid. There's even a few new moments of deeper character development here, especially a surprise connection between Deadshot and King Shark. But the plot weighs this issue down. It's painfully obvious from the start how rushed this issue is going to be. After such a thick air of mystery and misdirection last issue, it feels downright bizarre to have this issue begin by positively shoveling answers onto you. The tone just feels contradictory to the previous issues. And as solid a conclusion it is to the story, theres's no way Lynch will die such a sudden death, not after all they've built him up to be lately.

In Conclusion: 4/5

Despite being as rushed as it was, this issue was still highly entertaining. The characters all have such strong personalities, and each one of them can steal the spotlight at times with their scenes. All of that is still there, and the plot isn't bad, just told a bit too quickly.

Posted by Jake Fury


Any idea what happened to Kot? This book was showing some serious potential. This actually felt like an issue of Secret Six :(

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