Suicide Squad #15

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The Good

If you've ever wondered about the relationship between Joker and Harley and what foundation it's based on, this story will shed some light on it. Does Joker actually have feelings for her? It's hard to understand what exactly is going on in Joker's mind since it's so dark and twisted. The fact that Joker hasn't simply killed her after her 'betrayal' suggests there is something to their relationship.

As with Batman, Joker wants to shape Harley into what he feels she should be. Their interaction is brutal and definitely unhealthy. As the story unfolds, you'll almost find yourself cringing at what Joker will do next.

Joker doesn't hold back when dealing with Harley. This is where they both lay everything out. Things won't be the same between the two as they come to realize where each stands and what the other is capable of.

Joker is portrayed as twisted and vile as you would expect during this crossover story. You'll start to wonder if there is anything that can actually stop him.

The Bad

While it's an interesting story, it felt as if it started to go on a bit too long. As great as it is to see this dark and serious Joker, all of these tie-ins are getting to be too much. We're seeing Joker doing way too much in too many books. The explanation that he's been gone and calculating everything for the past year is one thing. For him to unleash his individual plans against Batman, Batgirl, Damian, and the others is really pushing the sense of disbelief comic book readers have to have. There are bits of "Suicide Squad" elements here but it really is just a Joker/Harley story with a couple interludes.

I've tried to get over Harley's New 52 costume. Seeing her fight here in it just made it look that much more ridiculous. There were other times the art made me question some of the scenes. At one point, Joker's face comes off. He simply puts it back on without us seeing him fasten it back to his head. During the conflict, he is taking a beating to his face. Has it been explained how it's able to stay intact and is not getting thrashed during all his recent fighting?

The Verdict

It's starting to feel like we're getting too much Joker in all these Death of the Family tie-ins. The idea was for Joker to try to get rid of all Batman's close allies to make him a better Batman. Yet this tie-in issue deals with him trying to mold Harley into what he thinks she should be to be at her full potential. Trying to figure out how and where this story takes place during all the other ones is a little distracting even though we should just focus on this issue. We do get to see some interesting banter between the two and their relationship may have evolved to a different level. Fans of the series will want to witness the other actual Suicide Squad elements sprinkled in the issue.

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