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Sue-chan, or Sue Dannoura, the youngest member of the team, is a typical "valley girl". She is seen as an all around air head who spends as much time on dates as she spends on trying to get out of doing work around the house or watching videos.

Sue-chan has the ability to 'mess' around with devices with even simple mechanisms failing in her presence. Inorganic mechanisms simply don't work well around her. These effects can be both positive and negative for her. For example the guns aimed at her fail to fire but the ATMs go crazy when she tries to use them. Besides having the ability to "jinx" devices, Sue-chan is quite the martial arts expert, like aikido and tai quang leap.

Last but not least, another one of Sue's many special abilities is that she is a living walking chemical factory who can synthesize any chemical substances ranging from vanilla scent to a deadly nerve gas, and spray through her tail mounted nozzle. Sue-chan is very popular with the guys. This doesn't bother the others for she is seen as their baby sister and they tend to look out for her. Sue-chan has quite a few hobbies, and besides having 3 different dates a day she likes to sing, go shopping and to parties. She hates work, exams and studying. She misses her father on the Alden world and hopes that when all of this is over she will be able to find him and be reunited with him again.

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