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Sudana is a mysterious and magically empowered character who helps Las Vegas stage magician Hank Medley and his cat Sparkles after the world is turned upside down by the powerful magic user Samsun's actions. She is a druid and as such prone to flashbacks and visions of past events, as well as being a recorder of magic in history. She is knowledgeable and savvy in the realm of magic and Earths history with magic and other realms. Sudana's mind is a continual cycle of images and occurrences. She attempts to help and guide Hank with his new understanding of the world of magic. Sudana is a close ally of Kon and a number of other magical creatures and beings. Sudana can pass as a normal human physically, however when she is agitated or using her magical powers her eyes, druid markings and tattoos can light up with a green ethereal like glow.

Sudana can also create a large jade glowing sword as well or alternatively generate jade glowing weapons as she sees fit. Sudana has a confident and calm personality and demeanor, although she appears to let her guard down somewhat as she grows closer to Hank and Sparkles. Dero is another druid and shares similar abilities and glowing markings to Sudana.


Sudana is an Aspen MLT character and was created by writer Vince Hernandez and artists Khary Randolph and Emilio Lopez. The character first appears in the first volume of Charismagic in the issue Charismagic #0 - The Void released in 2011. Sudana also appears in the second volume as well.

Character Evolution

Sudana was introduced as a supporting character and protagonist in the Charismagic series. She appears in many of the promo images and covers of the series, and acts as one of the main protagonists of the book. The character also acts as somewhat of a romantic interest for the main character. Sudana also has a strong presence in the second series. In many ways Sudana acts as a mentor towards Hank when he is left confused and vulnerable from the sudden upheaval and plot points of issue one. Throughout the series Sudana is always informed and knowledgable as far as the environments and persons interacted with in contrast with Hank's naivety and ignorance. In many ways she is as much the main character as Hank.

At first Sudana appears distant and cold but quickly warms up to Hank and Sparkles, and is quick to anger when either of them are threatened. Sudana almost grows overprotective of her two friends, attempting to prevent them from getting hurt whether physically or emotionally, which leads her to feel guilt for not keeping Hank informed when she realizes that his ex girlfriend Alle and mentor Hector were enchanted by Serke.

Sudana has many connections to other characters in the series, from friendships with Dalgo and his group of panther guardians, an admiration of the powerful and gentle Kon, a cynicism towards the draconian like Sha Lux, and friendships with the faeries of the Golden Realm.

Major Story Arcs

High Stakes

Sudana travels to Las Vegas to help magician Hank Medley. Although she runs into some trouble along the way her mystical powers allow her to take care of herself. Whilst nearing Hank's location, an ancient and powerful sorcerer Samsun unleashes a spell which causes the majority of humans to disappear, used as a battery to allow him to walk freely once again. Sudana being infused with magic is immune to this event and continues towards finding Hank. Samsun reignites his rivalry with another powerful magical user Kon. Sudana an ally of Kon travels to rescue and aid her friend once she has found and rescued Hank. With Hank and Sparkles in tow the trio head to Las Angeles to board a flight to Costa Rico to help Kon. When she realizes that Samsun with the aid of witches has entrapped Kon, she calls on the additional help of giant mystical panther Dalgo and two of Hank's allies Alle and Hector to free Kon and defeat Samsun.

Smoke and Mirrors

In the aftermath of the final battle with Samsun, a new threat emerges, when the powerful Serke capitalizes on the power vacuum left by Samsun and emerges in an effort to take over Earth. Serke has managed to use Alle and Hector, closed friends of Hank as puppets to aid his return. Sudana travels with Hank and Sparkles to learn the nature of this new threat to Earth. Speaking with Kon, Sudana learns of the gravity of the danger. Her and Hank are to travel to Las Angeles. The group must separate as Sudana and Sparkles head to a place known as the House of Illusions where they defeat some dark insectoid creatures and meet a small fairy creature Haven. Regrouping with Hank they leave for the Golden Realm to escape from Serke, Torgan and a possessed Alle and Hector who are tracking them. In the Golden Realm, the group is taken into custardy by the Golden Guardians and their ruler Sha Lux.

Powers and Abilities

Sudana has magically sourced powers and abilities, as well as a deep well of knowledge about the world of men and the world go magic, due to her abilities as a druid. Druid is her classification within the magic community. As a druid she is sensitive to magic and can see past events that other druids have witnessed. These come by way of visions and flashbacks. Sudana can also manipulate a glowing green type of mystical energy for a variety of purposes. Sudana can manifest a large glowing green energy sword and seems proficient in use with it. Sudana is long lived.

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