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before and after

John Alvis Byrd was hired to perfect the trip network (a transport network by teleportation). The trip network breaks down the traveling person into a quantum pattern, transports the pattern to the other end and builds the person up in the same quantum pattern. Using himself as test subject, it happened more than once that a faulty setting caused him to die. But by backing up his pattern, his co-workers were always able to restore him.

One day, he treated himself and his wife Helaine to a dinner on a shielded platform he built himself above a dying star. The space/time distortions accompanying the solar death disrupted their signal back to Earth and they were unable to teleport back. The death of the star had unfortunately altered his pattern on a quantum level. When he was restored, his physique was altered. His wife's pattern was lost.

As Sublime, he believes that the artificial intelligence that controls human society actually prevents humans from achieving their true destiny. This has brought him into conflict with the Hypernaturals.


Sublime was created by writers Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning and artist Brad Walker.

Powers & Abilities

Sublime is a 13th level intellect, the smartest known person in the Quantinuum. He is also able to interface and control technology. After his defeat, a special prison was designed with no modern technology just to hold him.

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