Favorite costume?

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MK Trilogy (original Sub-Zero)


MK Deadly Alliance (maskless)

MK Deadly Alliace (ninja)

MK Deception (ceremonial)

MK Deception (mongul)

MK Shaolin Monks

MK vs. DC

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MK1-Sonya Blade

MK2-Shang Tsung



MKDA-Sub Zero


MKSM-Kung Lao

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I like his classic costume, I guess from the MK Trilogy?

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Yeah, I also love all of Goro's different attires throughout the games...You never know what he's gonna throw on next...

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Vance Astro says:

"MK1-Sonya BladeMK2-Shang TsungMK3-Sub-ZeroMK4-ReikoMKDA-Sub ZeroMKD-Kitana,ShivaMKSM-Kung Lao"

I meant what's your favorite Sub-Zero costume, but you gave me an idea...

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i liked Sub-zero MKSM Costumes

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I liked his ninja one that was one hell of a costume!

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Looks like I should update the list with Sub-Zero's MK vs. DC  digs.

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Hawk said:
I thought it would be ok because he has pics in his gallery, albeit unnamed. I also thought there'd be alot more MK fans.

We can add captions to pictures now, can't we?
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lol i got the MK VS DC and subzero looks pretty cool...but his big main pic is wicked to...

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deadpool...i named u my master:Plolz

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his mk 9 and mk deception costumes are the best.

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gotta say mk3 tobais's last project so i will give that costume respect

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Thank god someone already made this thread and saved me the trouble of making it. My favorite designs of Sub would have to be the MK9(Bi-Han) and UMK3 designs.

His MKX design is also looking great, a bit over-designed but still good!

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