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His most famous creation is Karaoglan, a brave young man in 13th century's Central Asia. It first started as a strip in newspapers, before it became a own serie. Karaoglan bases on a comic strip named "Kizil Tug" (Red Feather) by Apdullah Ziya Kozanoglu, which Yalaz penciled. It later was released in French (under the name "Kebir"), Arabian, English and Russian. Karaoglan also was adapted in several films (played by Kartal Tibet). Suat Yalaz was producer and director of these films.

Other comics created by Yalaz are Son Osmanli - Yandim Ali, Sonny Ringo (one of a few Turkish western comics), Alpago Noyan, Kaana (a fun comic about a Tarzan liked kid) and Sadissimo (a Mad Max liked comic). The last two comics belong to his works he made in France under the nicknames "Jimmy Toro" and "Gi Toro". In that time he also worked on several erotic comics.

Besides his own works Yalaz published the Turkish comic magazine "Korku" which contained stories from Creepy and Eerie.

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